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Farmani Blow Moulding Machinery

Command Machinery was founded in 1359 by Mahmoud Farmani. Steering machine with wind machines for the production of bottles and plastic containers with different capacities from 200 ml up to 60 liters in single layer and multilayer in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical, hygienic, cosmetic and ... Are plasticizers.

Farmani Blow Moulding Machinery
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Farmani Blow Moulding Machinery

Attendance at the 13th International Iranplast Exhibition

Dual Station (Double Clamp) High Power Generation Device with Bottle Trimming System

Farmani Blow Moulding Machinery

Dual Station

Extruder gearbox with water recirculation system

Capable of producing up to 180 units per hour for four-liter bottles

Mass production

Steering machine with the help of experienced engineers and advanced tools has been able to produce masses of inflatable plastic devices.

Brilliant record

Steering Machines with over forty years of useful and brilliant experience are at your service dear manufacturers

The price is right

Steering machine construction has been able to minimize profits for dear customers by making high-volume wind machines and market their machines at a reasonable price.

At your service ....

Steering Machine Company has one year warranty and ten years after-sales service

Due to its dual clamps and high speed of axis movement of the mold (clamp and stroller) as well as maximum material output, this machine can produce high cost.

This device has an optimum power consumption similar to that of a single station with dual output compared to single station devices.
It has the capability of installing a casting system to cut bottle waste.
With this system the maximum production power is reached and the bottles produced are ready for use without human intervention.

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